LED .70 T-Rex

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What is special about the LED .70.

With its enormous luminous intensity , the cold light source LED .70 is the first of its kind on the market. What makes the LED .70 so special is its fan-less cooling system. Thus there are no more wear parts, what enables in particular the use in specific environments. Not to forget, the LED .70 works absolutely silent and free of vibrations.

Enormous Luminous Intensity

With a luminous flux of approx. 1350 lm (light guide with a active diameter of 9 mm and a length of one meter) the LED .70 is particualy suitable for applications, that require a higher level of light. The used LED-Technology guarantees a long life span.

Absolutely silent

Thanks to the passive cooling system this cold light source works without any disturbing buzz of a fan. This ensures silence an relaxation at the work place. Through the lack of fan partikels are not sucked in or whirled up.

Controllabele brightness

As always with our cold light sources the brightness can adapted from 0 - 100%. The optimized an low-loss electronic prrovides a flicker-free illumination and a high energy-effiviency. That makes the LED .70 an ideal partner for camera applications.

Compact Metal Design

The housing of the LED .70 is fully fabricated of aluminium. The premium quality CNC-parts guarantee a high stability by an exact accuracy. With a completely anodised surface this cold light source is almost insensitive to external interferences.

Dimensions of the LED .70

The cold light source LED .70 catch the eyes with its exceptional design.

LED .70 with handle

For portable use the LED .70 can be upgraded with an optional handle.


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