The Rings of Fire - LED-Ring Lights

If you get in contact with ring lights of the RL series for the first time, you‘ll likely find, that you never had something comparable in your hands: innovative design, solid manufacture and a compact design makes this series unique. The housing guarantees a high mechanical strenght and efficiently protects the LEDs utilized. The high quality electrical and electronical components ensure a carefree and relexed working.

Ring Light RL4

Fields of Application

What does not fit, is made to fit!

The selection of microscopes and industry cameras is large. The constant further development of our ring lights enables the installation on objectives with diameters of 12 mm up to 88 mm. Standardized internal threads, the reliable clamping device and various reduction rings and adapters leave nothing to be desired.

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Working Distance

Very close or far away. The optimal working distance.

Each task places its own demands. Especially the distance from the object to the light source is of high importance. The innovative design of the RL series offers enough scope to always find the right working distance for a homogenous light surface. From a very short 10 mm of the RL1-10 to a very distant 500 mm of the RL12-10s.

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Power Ring Light RL12
Ring Light RL1-UV

Light Colours

The right wavelength makes the perfect light.

White light in various color temperatures is the classic approach. The state-of-the-art LED technology allows to abstain from color filters for special applications. Red, greeen, blue and amber are available as real light colors. For special applications there are even ultraviolet and infrared versions.

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Correctly dosed. Easy to use and exact brightness control.

The brightness can be exactly defined by an innovative control, from off to maximum. Furtheron the memory function saves the last setting in case of a separation from the mains power. The highlight of the RL series is the segment version. The four segments of the ring light can be continously and separately controled, be switched on or off or even be controled together.

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Segment Control