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Modular Lighting Concept with the Micrscope Stand MSL


The microscope stand MSL is a professional base for all stereo and zoom microsocopes with a column mounting. Thanks to a flexible incident light with the modul-LED®-System, developed by StarLight, and the optional LED transmitted light the MSL is perfectly equipped either für production and inspection tasks as well as for typical laboratory aplications.

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Very Simple and Flexible

Two felexibly poisioned gooseneck spots serve as incident light. The modul-LED®-System enables the quick and easy switch of the LED modules in the light heads.


Optionally with Transmitted Light

The MSL is also available in a version with a LED transmitted light. This is integrated in the base and offers perfect and homogenious brightness for a research of transmitted objects.


Continuous and Flicker Free

Both lighting systems can be controled from 0% to 100% with two easily reachable rotary knobs. An optimized electronic delivers a absolutely flicker free light and enables stripe-free pictures for photo- and video applications. The high-quality LEDs have a long life span, even at daily use over several hours.

Light for Each Application with modul-LED®


StarLight has developed the innovative and unique modul-LED® System for various applications. It offers the user a wide selction of light colours and beam angles. Furthermore it enables a quick and easy switch of the LED modules for the adaption of the LED lamp to individual applications.

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The MSL at a glance

  • Two gooseneck lamps with exchangeable modules

  • Flicker free and homogeneous illumination

  • Ideal for Camera Applications

  • Suitable for different microscopes

  • Available in black or tiotanium color

  • With connection for ESD protection

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