Assembly Line

Assembly Line

Production lines can be long. Despite increasing automation the products pass, beside robot arms, press lines and other machines, always areas, where human skills in the form of a practised movement or a well-trained eye are demanded.


Please don’t Push

On a  fully automated production line many single objects have to be checked or controlled in a short period of time. Therefore an optimal illumination is key. High brightness, reliable operation and the  long life span of StarLight products make them perfect lighting systems for these kinds of work places.

For a Streak-free Vision

In many production lines machine vision systems replace the visual inspection. Cameras used in these applications many often have a fast shutter speed. This can cause stripes on pictures or videos, which prevent a fault-free operation and an efficient production process. The electronic of the StarLight products has been optimized for these applications. Also on low dimming steps the light is absolutely streak-free. This feature benefits not only machine vision applications, but for example also photo and video recordings for use in microscopy.