Test tubes, pipettes, microscopes, petri dishes or bunsen burners are pictures which you are reminded while thinking about laboratories. What certainly doesn’t cross one’s mind is light. Illumination, however, is the most important factor for many tasks. Either with the naked eye or by a complex lense of a microscope, a high-quality illumination allows for the detection of the smallest details.

Quality as a Matter of Course

Meanwhile you get a powerful lamp for small money from every usual do-it-yourself-store. This, however, has nothing to do with a professional lighting system. This is characterized by a reliable  continuous operation, a precise control system, high-quality materials, careful treatment and useful accessories. As a result of our years of experience and the deep understanding of the requirements of our customers, StarLight products meet these high standards.

Incident Light and Transmitted Light

Illumination from below oder from above, the application decides about the right light source.  In addition to that the light color and the  brightness are decisive for best results. The light intensity should always be intelligently controlled. In the incident light microscopy there is very often the need to illuminate the objects not only with different brightness levels, but also from different angles. Thus you always get the right contrasts according to your application.

If you own a light source, which doesn’t meet anymore your requirements, StarLight offers solutions, which are customized to your special application. Also the replacement of an obsolete and not efficient lighting system of your microscope by a modern LED illumination is usually feasible without major problems.

Illumination of Workplaces

Beside the microscopy there are various work areas which also require an optimal lighting system. The unflexible light from the ceiling is almost too low and creates disturbing shadows. Free positionable lamps, which are easy to control  make professional work a lot easier.

From a homogenous illumination to a pinpoint lighting of small parts, the StarLight product range offers the  right solution. High flexibility, enormous light intensity, low level of energy consumption and low space requirement characterize our lighting systems. With StarLight you are on the safe side.