LED Series

LED Light PL300-A

LED Light PL300-A

Diversity is one of the strenghts of StarLight. This can be seen not only in the various illumination concepts, which are designed for many industries and applications. Each series consist of several models and variants, which fulfill application-specific requirements as for example a certain color temperature or a specific way of attachment.

Incident Light and Transmitted Light for Microscopes

Microscope Lighting ML3

Microscope Lighting Upgrade with ML3

Lighting for microscopes is one of the key competences of the StarLight product range. This is shown in particular in the various combinations of LED cold light sources and fibre optic ring lights as well as in the wide selection of LED ring lights. Also perfect for incident light applications are the models of the IL series, which can be attached either to a tripod or directly to a microscope. Using the modul-LED®, the user is able to easily adapt the color temperature and light beam according to his individual application.

Microscope Stand MSL

Microscope Stand MSL

For the transmitted light microscopy StarLight offers two innovative solutions. As a replacement for the very faint and short-lived halogen bulbs in transmitted light microscopes the ML3 is the perfect upgrade. This modern lighting unit can be installed very easily in many high quality older-generation microscopes of the Zeiss Standard series. For microscopes without transmitted light the DL4 is the right choice. Thanks to the clever design and the adjustable and homogenous illumination the detailed examination of transparent objects is very easy.

The latest development of StarLight is the microscope stand MSL. Also in this product the integrated incident light with the modul-LED® system guarantees high flexibility in choosing the right light. Optionally a transmitted light provides a homogeneous illumination from below. Many additional features like a rod, which can be adapted to many microscope types or an ESD connection makes this product the perfect base for many applications in the industry and the science.

Lighting for Work Places

LED Desk Light TL1

LED Desk Light TL1

StarLight already has devlopped various lighting models for the reliable illumination of work places like desks or production tables. In the TL series the focus was on design and secure stand. The IL incident light however can be attached very space saving on a table clamp or a tripod. Both series are equipped with semi-rigid goose-necks and the innovative modul-LED® system. This enables the user to specifically adjust the lighting system according to light area, brightness and color temperature.

The development of the PL series was a logic step in order to complement the product range. The light head is an aluminium profile in which six or more LEDs are installed depending on the design of the lamp.  The customer can choose between variants, which are either attached to desk with a table clamp and are free positionable with an articulated arm or  rotatable versions for the direct attachment on worktops.

Light for Machine Vision

For all StarLight products the main concern was the suitability of the electronic for camera applications. Thanks to a flicker-free light the user gets pictures without distorting stripes, also at a lower dimming level.

Especially designed for machine vision applications are the FL- and the BL series. This range of surface area lights and LED strip lights contain several sizes and beam angles as well as models with a flash function. Further on many attachment elements enable the professional installation in almost all locations. Thus you get the right illumination for each application.