The difference between handcraft and professional production will be seen when components are facing harsh operating conditions or when they have to run reliably for years. At StarLight not only the own products reflect the long-term experience, a considerate manner of working and strict controls, also external construction contracts benefit from the StarLight quality.

Component Production

Already very early in its business history StarLight was asked to assembly various components for medical devices. Not only the stable output and continued high reliability, but also the provided technical support ensure, that even today StarLight still delivers high quality parts to this customer. For manufacturer, who want to outsource the production of mechanical or optical parts, StarLight is a reliable and experienced partner.

Series Production

The standard product range of StarLight has been continuously expanded. Despite the variety of products StarLight is still on the same high level in terms of availability and fast delivery. This has been achieved by an intelligent warehouse management and a needs-based planning on one side. On the other side site good supplier relations and a continuous search for alternatives procurement sources  prevent bottlenecks and delays. These strengths are also very appreciated  by our OEM partners.

Tailor-made Solutions

StarLight meets the special demands of material, performance and functionality with creativity and expertise. The close cooperation with the customers ensure the view on the essential points. A good documentation of those unique products also enable to  fall back on proven techniques at projects with similar requirements. Thus time for development and costs can be controlled.