Ring Lights

LED Ring Light RL4

LED ring light attached to a microscope

Whether attached to an objective lens of a microscope or to a camera, ring lights ensure a homogenous illumination. In many applications ring lights are the perfect choice for an optimal illumination.  As numerous as the applications in the market as numerous is the product range of StarLight.

Color Variety

A rainbow capture a moment of delight into the poetic moment for every beholder. Over the entire range of colors the colored semicircle stretch across the horizon. The physical reason is the chromatic dissection of light in its spectrum. Beside these colors and various white tones there are also wavelengths in the infrared and ultraviolet lights, which  remain hidden for the human eye.

Using our ring lights you can select between various color temperatures. This way you can adjust the illumination perfectly to your application. Your choice is between three white versions with different color temperature, the four basic colors as well as models in the IR and UV range. Our many-years experience ensure you a high efficiency and a long life span.

Keeping Distance

Ring Light LED Angles

Angle and working distance

Everybody knows driving beam and passing beam. As in the car industry it is also important for ring lights to find the right illumination for each operating distance. Two parameters are important in this respect. Firstly the installation angle of the LEDs, on the other hand the radiation angle of each LEDs respectively of the optical head.

In our product range there isn’t only a large variety of color and color temperatures. The ring lights are also available for different nominal distances. At all levels, whether you have to work with a mini ring light within smaller distances or with a power ring light with larger distances the ring lights of StarLight always provide an optimum of brightness.

Light from Every Direction

Segment Ring Light RL1

4-segment LED ring light RL1-S4 with controller

If shadows should be eliminated, for example at objects with a structured or uneven surface, a flexible illumination is mandatory. For these requirements StarLight has the right solutions. All ring lights  models are also available in 4-segment versions.

That means that the LED ring is segmented into four parts, which can be controlled and dimmed separately. In this way you are always in the driver’s seat.