Test Stand

Test Stand
The standard products of StarLight  are regularly controlled. For example: the LED modules of the modul-LED®-series are automatically examined in fatigue tests  for brightness and life span. It’s out of the question, that a methodical approach and precision are basic conditions. The results is a product range, which is characterized by a constant quality and low error rates. This high quality level ensures that lighting systems of StarLight are outstandingly certified for processes in quality assurance and testing in the industry.

For the Record

It is a necessary condition for high quality products that internal concepts, development steps and performance measurements are recorded. However, also for the customers StarLight offers a considerable amount of  information material for the exact planning of its applications. There are detailed photometric data of the built-in LED. Exact dimensions are also available as well as drawings and 3D objects when needed. On request certificates can complete the detailed descriptions and characteristic values in the multilingual user manuals.

A Science in itself: Light

Thanks to long-standing contacts with the industry and a lively exchange with the end-users the functionality of our lighting systems is close to the market and user-friendly: Many lamps, for example, have a memory function, which ensures a constant illumination during test processes lasting several days, materials and shapes of the products are designed for high burdens and heavy environmental conditions and also the range of accessories, especially for mounting and positioning,  allow an exact alignment of the light, in order to ensure a perfect illumination for each experimental- and test setup.