The Company

StarLight - Location Nuremberg

StarLight GmbH & Co. KG, Flachslander St. 8, 90431 Nuremberg, Germany

Professional lighting systems, industry automation, technical endoscopy, electronic, microscopy, metal processing, laser marking and laser cutting, development, design and construction, manufacturing and assembling of fine and opto mechanical parts and components and systems:  StarLight Opto-Electronics is the flexible and reliable partner for the industry and science. From a serial product to a individual turn key product, all “Made in Germany”.


StarLight develops and manufactures products and provides services based on the wishes and needs of the market and the customer. In this context the quality of the offered products and services must have highest priority.

Given the progressive system integration we offer you, beside high quality serial products, customized, application-specific solutions turnkey solutions “Made in Germany“. Only with a high quality standard the targets of our customers can be reached.

Social Commitment

StarLight considers itself not only as a manufacturer of professional lighting systems  and a developper of technical solutions. We are also aware of the social responsibility that arise for a company in times of globalisation and growing requirements for the society.

For years we support “Doctors without frontiers“. This charity organisation, founded in 1971, provides medical emergency help in crisis areas and war zones. They are financed by 90% from donations and their projects cover a variety of activities from medical care to the supply of clean water and sanitary facilities. Another part of their humanitarian work is the information and education of the population. Also in 2015 we gave a charitable donation instead of Christmas presents for our customers and partners.


1997 – Company Foundation
After the founding of StarLight in 1997, the focus of development and production was primarily on optical fibers and optical sensors. Building a professional optical fiber manufacturing and the takeover of the distribution of optical sensors of the company Datalogic S.A. in Bologna and orders for the manufacturing of various components of medical equipment for eye correction lead to extensive knowledge and formed the basis for a stable growth. The theme of light has gained in importance with the planning and implementation of their own lighting systems for industrial and laboratory applications.

2005 – New LED Lighting Systems
With the entry of LED technology into the market and new requirements on professional lighting systems already existing products have been improved. Powerful LED variants of cold light sources with almost identical dimensions and applications now determine the range. The versatility of LED technology is also reflected in the industry unique “modul-LED system®”, which was developed by StarLight in 2008 and secures a high degree of flexibility in terms of applications and configurations of light.

2012 – Introduction of the norisLED Brand
In the August of 2012 the StarLight Opto-Electronics GmbH & Co. KG decided to offer alongside professional lighting for industry and science General Lighting Products and Systems under the brand norisLED. This focuses specifically on the planning and implementation of lighting solutions for home, industry, hotels and restaurants, sport facilities and many more.

2014 – Moving to New Premises
With the move early 2014 to larger and better equipped premises the production capacity and storage space have been noticeably increased.

2015 – Opening of the new “Light Studio”
Since the beginning of 2015 StarLight owns a norisLED branded Light Studio in which they are showing the customer a wide range of high-quality brands and concepts.