The modul-LED®-System

LED Modules Overview

LED Modules System modul-LED®

There is a broad field of applications for professional lighting systems. The unique modul-LED system developed by StarLight, allows you to configure yourself a high quality industrial LED lamp, which is specifically tailored to your individual needs. You are completely flexible, from the details of mounting to the functionality of the electronic and the easy-to-change LED modules.

An Unique Light Unit

Luminaire head with protection cap

Luminaire head with protection cap

For a broad spectrum of lighting tasks StarLight focuses on three different light heads. Two of them can work with only one LED module with a diameter of 21 mm or alternatively of 28 mm. The maximum of brightness you receive with the third version, which is designed to hold  three LED modules of a diameter of 21 mm. This light unit enables you to even merge different color temperatures or to control them separately.

All versions of the light units also exist with a cap and a protective glass, preventing the LED modules from damage or pollution. For special applications you also can insert special filters: e.g. to eliminate IR beams of lasers, which could destroy the LEDs.

For an easier switch of the LED modules there are also versions available without a protection cap, in case of applications, where a pollution or damage of the light is excluded.

The LED Modules

System modul-LED®

System modul-LED®

Depending on the light unit, the LED modules (21mm or 28 mm) decide about the light color and the beam angle. Different versions of LED modules are available:  three white tones in different color temperatures, the colors red, green, blue and amber as well as UV LEDs in three wavelengths. The spectrum of possible optics ranges from a narrow angled spot to a homogenous illuminating diffuse optic.

The modules can be easily be switched even during operation. This enables you to change the illumination in a fast and convenient way for your special need and an individual application.

Light Control and Attachment

Industrial Light IL1

Industrial Light IL1

Light control and the way of attachment are further deciding factors for the compilation of your lighting system. Consequently t the question raises which power supply will be used and how to manage the brightness control.  Thanks to the modular design of our lighting systems  you easily find the answer. Your application has a 24 volt connection and the dimming is not important? No problem. Or provides a controllable lighting system more benefit for you? From a fixed wiring for 24 volt connections, a pluggable version with control unit until a fixed control unit implemented in the lamp all wishes come true.

Questions concerning attachment or alternatives for positioning can be answered in the same way. A variety of applications are covered by different attachment solutions: from simple profile angles, tripods, magnetic bases with a ball-joint until a simple table light with semi-rigid arms, many options and combinations cover a diversity of applications.

Customized Solutions

Despite intensive search you don’t find  the right solution for your requirements? You are not sure, which combination is the right one? We are ready to support you with advice and ad-hoc support. Just contact us without any obligation to find a common solution.