Already at the development stage the extrem case of the later application is considered. Experience reports and hints of our customers  are inluded already in the period, before the actual production starts. The selction of the electronic parts is effected with the same utmost care as the control of the parts. Extensive tests and a mature quality management ensure that each delivered meets the high demands of StarLight.

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs”

The use of lighting systems in a professional environment requires a high level of robustness and reliability. If the lighting system is only available with restrictions or is completely defective due to a permanent load, this has enourmous effects on the efficiency and quality of your work. As a manufacturer we are completely aware of the requirements for material and machine in the industrial field. Our goal is to deliver lighting systems, which are your reliable companion over the years.

A very important factor is the efficiency. For a lighting system this means to keep the energy consumption low during continous operation. The switch from the halogen- to the LED technology was a milestone in this direction. The selection of suitable transformers and electronic parts is a further step to improve the energy balance of our lighting systems. Especially in the focus is the technical development of modern LEDs and its relation between power consumption and light output. If this technology has reached another new level, we won’t miss to update our products accordingly.

Light as a Tool

The versatility of a Swiss Army Knife makes it the perfect tool, no matter what you want to do: to slice, to screw or to file. Our products certainly don’t fit in your trouser pocket, however they are also characterized by a high level of reliability and flexibility.

Basically all our lighting systems are designed to get adapted to your individual requirements.  In this context we are not only a manufacturer of high quality serial products, but  also your consultant and skillful craftsmen. Thanks to our tight cooperation with customers from several industries, we have the experience and solutions to meet many requirements in a short time. With the trade mark “modul-LED®” we have developed a flexible system which allows customized configurations for a variety of lighting tasks. Whether at a turning lathe, beside a soldering station or between screws and pincers, with a professional lamp of StarLight you broaden your work place with a high quality tool, which supports you at your work and which contributes to the quality and customer satisfaction.